Novel Science

Novel, Targeted Therapies

With our scientific collaborators and advisors, we are leaders in the scientific areas underpinning our two clinical pipeline products: cirmtuzumab, an anti-ROR1 antibody, and TK216, a small molecule ETS-family fusion protein or transcription factor inhibitor. In addition, we are in preclinical development of a ROR1-targeting CAR-T therapy for hematologic and solid cancers.

Each of our product candidates is made to attack very specific mechanisms that cancer cells use to grow, thrive and metastasize. Our scientific approach focuses on attacking those pathways, which are not expressed in most healthy cells, in order to inhibit cancer cell growth, while maximizing safety to the patient.

With our drug development expertise and a strong network of academic collaborations, we are uniquely positioned to turn these important research discoveries into new potential therapies for patients with cancers with critical unmet patient need.