Dr. Kassim, a cell and gene therapy bioprocessing and translational research expert, is currently Chief Technology Officer at the Danaher Corporation, with a focus on new genomic medicines, and is an advisor for the RA Capital ventures team. Most recently, he was Chief Technology Officer at Vor Bio where he built the technical operations team responsible for process development, analytical development, supply chain, and manufacturing support of a CRISPR gene-edited HSPC product and oversaw the company’s CAR-T efforts. Prior to this, he served as executive Director at Kite Pharma, where he led the development of manufacturing processes for autologous CAR-T and TCR-based cell therapies. Before this, he was Chief Scientific officer at Mustang Bio, where he managed the foundational build-out of the company’s preclinical and manufacturing activities. Earlier in his career, he was Head of Early Analytical Development for Novartis’ Cell and Gene Therapies Unit, and a research biologist at the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). Sadik has contributed to the development and successful BLA and MAA filings for all three FDA‐approved T‐cell therapies, Kymriah, Tecartus, and Yescarta.

Sadik holds a bachelor of science degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from Tulane University and earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Louisiana State University.