Mr. Hale is chairman and CEO of Hale BioPharma Ventures LLC, a private company focused on the formation and development of biotechnology and specialty pharma companies. He currently serves as Executive Chairman of Biocept, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Rady Children’s Hospital.

Mr. Hale was formerly president and CEO of CancerVax Corporation, through its merger with Micromet, Inc. and subsequent sale to Amgen. Mr. Hale previously was president and CEO of Hybritech, Inc. before it was acquired by Eli Lilly & Co.; and as chairman/CEO of Gensia, Inc, through a merger with SICOR to form Gensia Sicor; Chairman of Santarus prior to acquisition by Salix and SkinMedica before acquisition by Allergan and co-founder and chairman of Viagene, Inc. prior to acquisition by Chiron Corporation.